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From Jan Van Besien <>
Subject redeploying war files
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 09:08:01 GMT
Hi all

I'm using tomcat-6.0.18 with java-1.6.0-18 on ubuntu-9.10.

I have a question about the feature to automatically deploy war files 
when they are dropped in the webapps directory. Sometimes, this doesn't 
work as I would expect it to work, and I want to find out if this is 
expected or if something can be done about it.

Allow me to describe a scenario:

- tomcat is not running
- copy a war file (say test.war) to the webapps directory
- start tomcat

now everything is ok, the test.war file gets "exploded" into a test 
directory, and the application is deployed.

- stop tomcat
- corrupt some files in the exploded directory (e.g. remove all 
libraries from WEB-INF/lib)
- touch test.war, such that it is certainly newer than then exploded 
- start tomcat

now the deployment fails, while I would expect tomcat to explode the 
test.war file again, because it is newer than the exploded directory.

Am I making wrong assumptions? The documantation [1] explicetely says 
"... and it is newer than the exploded web application, the exploded 
directory will be removed and the webapp will be redeployed from the .WAR".

Thanks in advance,
Jan Van Besien


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