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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: HTTP status 404 - only first time when accessing from browser
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 21:03:29 GMT
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To whom it may concern,

On 2/9/2010 3:17 PM, lazyisgood wrote:
> 1. In a new browser window, go to 
> The url in the browser can be seen as:
> ";jsessionid=<someNUM>?_afrLoop=1<someNUm>&_afrWindowMode=0&_afrWindowId=null"

That's odd. Let's see what happens:

1. Request is made for
2. Server responds with 200 OK w/Set-Cookie JSESSIONID header
3. Client requests
4. Server responds with 404 Not Found

> 2. Now, delete the URL and again go to
> in the same browser. The page loads fine.
> 3. Close the browser window and repeat step 1, the problem appears again.

Clearing the cookie allows you to reproduce this problem without
restarting the web browser. So, something happens with a live cookie
that allows this to work. I suspect it's an image.

Let's see what wget gives us.

Okay, a request to
"" results in
a page full of javascript. The last few lines of javascript in the page
look like this:

var sess =

if (sess.length > 0)
  href += sess;

/* if pprNav is on, then the hash portion should have already been
processed */
if ((false) || (hash == null))
  document.location.replace(href + query);
  document.location.replace(href + query + "#" + hash);
</script><noscript>This page uses JavaScript and requires a JavaScript

It looks like your Javascript code has failed to correctly parse the URL
for session information. I would remove the 'document.location.replace'
call temporarily and see what's wrong with your javascript code.

Note that you can so a lot of this type of stuff on the server, and it
might be a bit more clean.

Good luck,
- -chris
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