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From Fabian Panthen <>
Subject Re: jsp compilation fails depending on how WEB-INF classes are build
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2010 19:09:01 GMT

> Has Eclipse (outside of Tomcat) been configured to emit .class files in
> a certain format? I'm guessing this hasn't been done for 'ant', so maybe
> they need to match each other.
that was one of my guesses, but apart from the compliance level i dont 
know of any-
>> This happens as well under tomcat 5.5.
>> Changing the ANT build to use the same JDT compiler as eclipse did not
>> change the problem.
>> Using javap I checked both compiled versions of the classes and they do
>> have the same major version.
> Really? Hmm. Could you double-check that and post what you get?
> It's possible that there's a bug in the compiler that can't read some
> particular thing in the class file.

please find javap - verbose output attached. major and minor versions 
are the same.
there are differences though. Eclipse sems to include a SourceFile 
reference plus Linenumber and LocalVariable Tables.
I wouldn't know how to trigger that in ant though..

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