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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache / mod_proxy / Tomcat
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 23:19:56 GMT
Farid Izem wrote:
> Hi,
> I have setup an Apache Web Server in front of a Tomcat Web Container.
> Basically, All request are handle by Apache and passed to Tomcat using
> mod_proxy_ajp
> Apache is binded on the IP address of the computer, tomcat is binded
> on localhost:8009
> When i take a look at the tomcat manager, i see that a lot of Tomcat
> Thread with the status keepalive from the same source IP address.
> The main configuration of :
> ProxyPass                 /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps retry=30
> ProxyPassReverse     /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps
> Would it be possible to free the connection from Apache Server to
> Tomcat server ?
> Netstat show a lot of established connections but there is not data sent.
> How could we free these keepalive connections that are being
> maintained between Apache and Tomcat.
> i tryied
> ProxyPass                 /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps
> retry=30 disablereuse=On
> but this is not recognize.
I don't know about the above settings.
Apart from what Chuck mentioned, what is the setting, in the Apache 
httpd configuration, of the KeepAliveTimeout ?

If you set that to 30 seconds, then it means that after the browser sent 
the last request that it is ever going to send, Apache will maintain the 
connection with the browser for 30 seconds, waiting for another request 
that will never come.
That probably means that it will also maintain the connection with 
Tomcat, and thus that Tomcat will keep the corresponding thread waiting 
for the same time, all for nothing.
Set KeepAliveTimeout to 3 for example, and see what happens.

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