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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Unix creates the catalina.out but on Windows it does not
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 14:08:18 GMT
Karthik Nanjangude wrote:
> Hi
> Please validate the same
> O/s  Windows NT 2006  / Unix
> JDK 1.5
> TOMCAT 6.0.20 / 6.0.24 ( *.zip)
> Problem
> 1) Same Tomcat installed server on Unix creates the "catalina.out" but on Windows it
does not Why ?.
> 2) Know How to use JConsole but need additional info How to  monitor the Connection pool
of  applications running on Tomcat ...?
No idea about #2, but about #1 :

Tomcat itself does not write to "catalina.out".
Tomcat runs inside a JVM, and through the JVM, it may write some 
messages to STDOUT and STDERR.
If you run the JVM (and Tomcat) inside a console window (a command 
window under Windows), you will see these messages directly on the 
screen, because then that is where STDOUT/STDERR end up.

If you run Tomcat as a daemon (under Unix/Linux), or as a service (under 
Windows), then the first thing to look at is the way in which the JVM is 
being started, to check where STDOUT/STDERR are being /re-directed/.

Under Unix/Linux, have a look at (tomcat_dir)/bin/, and maybe 
also is in the script which starts Tomcat as a daemon. This may be in 
/etc/init.d, or /sbin/init.d or in /etc/rc.d/init.d, depending on the OS.

Under Windows, you are probably running the JVM and Tomcat under a 
"service wrapper" (e.g. bin/tomcat6.exe).  If so, it is probably that 
one which redirects the JVM's STDOUT/STDERR, and probably to the Windows 
Event Logs instead of the file "catalina.out".
Note that tomcat6.exe, despite its name, is not really Tomcat.
It is really that : a "wrapper" program which starts the JVM which runs 
Tomcat.  The main function of this wrapper is to make the JVM "look like 
a Service" for Windows.
The tomcat6w.exe is a GUI program, which allows you to set some 
parameters in the Registry, for the tomcat6.exe program.
tomcat6w.exe and tomcat6.exe, together, "replace" the functionality of 
the Unix/Linux startup scripts (,, 
/etc/init.d/tomcat e.g.).

To make matter just a little bit more confusing, some Linux 
distributions start the JVM which starts Tomcat, using also a wrapper 
called "jsvc".  This wrapper, among other things, allows Tomcat to use 
ports below 1025 even when not running Tomcat as root.

All the above relates to the (relatively few) messages which Tomcat and 
the JVM which runs it, write to STDOUT/STDERR.
Tomcat components and applications normally write their logging messages 
according to this :
Good luck.

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