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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Still unable to get a heap dump from Tomcat running on Windows as a service
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 23:09:58 GMT
Laird Nelson wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Sateesh Narahari <
>> wrote:
>> The default user account 'System' has some weird permission state on
>> Windows, so try the admin user.
> OK; leery of running my Tomcat as the administrator, but am not up to speed
> on which Windows users would be better choices.  I naturally assumed that
> the local user selected by default was appropriate.
The "Local System" account is the "usual" local built-in account used to 
run Services. It has quite extensive privileges on the local machine 
(like the permission to run Services), but has no access to "Windows 
network" resources.  That includes stuff like network "shares", network 
printers etc..
It can however run programs that open TCP/IP sockets to/from anywhere. 
Go figure.

The suggestion of Chuck to run Tomcat as an Administrator is, I believe, 
just a temporary measure to verify if the fact that you are not getting 
the logfiles you expect, would be due to a permission problem to some 
local directory. It would be nice to eliminate that possible source of 

Later on, you can revert to LocalSystem, or to some other user, local or 
domain-based.  Which one you choose is a matter of your in-house 
policies, or which resources the apps running in Tomcat will need to 
access later.
Just make sure that while you are running as Administrator, your Tomcat 
does not inadvertently create some files to which later, when it runs as 
another user again, it would not be able to write anymore.

While we are at it, the difference between the .exe version, and the 
.zip version :

The .exe version is like a shortcut, for people used to Windows 
installer programs and who just want to install and run Tomcat as a 
Windows Service, with a gui program (tomcat?w.exe) to set the run 
parameters in the Registry.  With that version, you cannot run Tomcat in 
a command-line window for instance.

The .zip version is more similar to the way you install Tomcat under 
Unix/Linux : you get a bunch of additional scripts and files in the 
tomcat/bin directory, which allow you to run Tomcat in a command-line 
window, which sometimes makes it easier to debug a problem.
It also contains scripts to install and configure Tomcat as a Windows 
Service, but they are a bit more "command-line oriented" rather than 

The real pros tend to prefer the .zip.

It's the same Tomcat in both cases however.

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