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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 100% CPU usage after moving from Java 5 to 6
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 20:41:34 GMT
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On 2/2/2010 3:23 AM, Jesse Klaasse wrote:
> Christopher Schultz-2 wrote:
>> Can you give us a timestamp for when the trouble started? Reading GC
>> output is pretty tedious.
> I believe the trouble started around 15 - 20 minutes before the end of the
> gc log, so that would be from ~61h36m.

That's 221760 minutes, and you only have two GC log lines near or after
that time:

222745.754: [GC 222745.754: [ParNew: 2566632K->34378K(2831168K),
0.1180327 secs] 3272635K->747297K(7025472K), 0.1187242 secs] [Times:
user=0.44 sys=0.02, real=0.13 secs]
223001.755: [GC 223001.756: [ParNew: 2550986K->55967K(2831168K),
0.1662147 secs] 3263905K->775682K(7025472K), 0.1667915 secs]

It's interesting that there's no timing data for that last statement. It
/is/ possible this is where the JVM went down. (Did it go down?)

Both of these GC runs seem to be collecting a /lot/ of garbage:


That's a reduction of roughly 75%... though I guess in .13 seconds, it's
not taking so long, so it should be fine. I guess your webapp generates
a lot of temporary data, fast. At least it gets cleaned-up quickly.

>> Also, what happens if you remove all your *GC* options (other than
>> logging) from your JAVA_OPTS?
> I am quite hesitant to try this. This is a production environment, and all
> in all Tomcat is performing pretty good now, in comparison to what the
> situation was before.

Do you have a place where you can really play around with this?

> By "all" GC options, do you also mean the UseConcMarkSweepGC? Wouldn't the
> GC become serial then (with pauses which stop the whole webapp for a while)?

I don't believe the GC will do "serial" collections unless explicitly
told to do that. The days of "stop the world" garbage collection are
long gone.

> And also the +DisableExplicitGC?

That only causes the JVM to ignore calls to System.gc(), which aren't
guaranteed to do anything, anyway. Unless you are deploying unknown
webapps, this probably isn't doing anything at all.

>> Is this reproducible?
> Well, as I said, Tomcat is working much more stable now than it did before.
> However, once in a few days it still becomes unresponsive, while CPU usage
> stays incredibly low. I have tried load tests using jMeter on our
> development environment, but it's working fine then. Must have something to
> do with the "real" (more diverse, less predictable/repetitive) traffic on
> the production environment, I guess..

I'd be interested in what a thread dump shows you during one of these
pauses. I agree with Dan: this sounds much more like your webapp is
waiting around for something like a db connection than doing anything
active. If the GC were running like crazy, I suspect you'd see more CPU

- -chris
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