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From Laird Nelson <>
Subject Re: Still unable to get a heap dump from Tomcat running on Windows as a service
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 21:31:01 GMT
On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Caldarale, Charles R <> wrote:

> > From: Laird Nelson []
> > Subject: Still unable to get a heap dump from Tomcat running on Windows
> > as a service
> >
> > I am still unable to get Tomcat to dump heap when it encounters an
> > OutOfMemoryError.
> You appear to be unique in that regard, since no one else seems to be
> having that problem.

Well aware of that; thanks!  The reason I'm bringing it up on this list is
just because I'm using the graphical tool without doing any egregious
hacking, and it is not working the way I would expect it to.  In such cases
I blame the software until it is proven that I am putting in bad inputs, at
which point I cheerfully blame myself and move on.  No one has accused me so
far of putting in bad inputs, and I can't see any myself.

> > I have Tomcat 6.0.20 running as a service under the default
> > local user account
> What's a "default local user account"?

The one selected by default when one chooses the "Log On" tab of the
graphical Tomcat monitor.  The value of the label is: "Local System
account".  That radio button is checked.

>  Try using a real account, possibly one in the administrators group to see
> if that makes a difference.

I will try this; thanks.

>  > set to be allowed to interact with the desktop
> Not needed.

I'll make sure this is off.

>  > I've specified -XX:HeapDumpPath=C:\crap, and -XX:HeapDumpPath=C:/crap
> > to no avail.
> Try just leaving that parameter out.

Yep; tried that too.

The Shutdown working path doesn't matter, since that's not normally used.
>  Try setting the Startup path to the Tomcat installation directory after
> reinstalling Tomcat.  The direction of the slash doesn't seem to matter; I
> get the .hprof file generated in the designated directory regardless of
> which I use.


>  > I've set memory to a minimum of 512 and a maximum of 1024 MB.
> You normally want those to be the same for a server environment to avoid
> heap thrashing.

OK; will change.

>  > I entered the JVM options one per line.
> That is a requirement.

Good to know; thanks.

> > Does anyone have any other suggestions to try before giving up on
> > Tomcat in favor of either Jetty or (God help me) JBoss?
> I would try removing the existing Tomcat service, reinstalling the current
> (6.0.24) Tomcat from the .zip download, using the service.bat script to
> create the service, and only then try recreating the OOM problem.  Unpack
> the .zip download into someplace other than C:\Program Files.  Also try
> setting the Level on the Logging tab to Debug rather than Error to see if
> that shows anything interesting.

OK; for various reasons I can't do the reinstall (without bureaucratic
wrangling).  I did the initial install from the Windows executable installer
available from the main download site.  It was beautifully simple and I let
it set things up for me.  Is there any reason to suppose that such an
installation is somehow borked?  Is there a problem with the out-of-the-box
Windows experience that is heavily promoted on the Apache site?

Thanks for the help!


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