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From Fletcher Cocquyt <>
Subject Re: Recommendations for Automating Deployments and then dev, qa, uat, prod testing
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 17:22:07 GMT
Fletcher Cocquyt <fcocquyt <at>> writes:

> Hi, this question is coming from the operations team perspective.
> Currently our (small 3 member) ops team is responsible for deploying java apps
> weekly from a set of dozens in a less than great 4am-6am window on Wednesdays.
> So questions about the things maven seems to address:
> testing: unit, integration testing - article mentions selenium?
> sensitive data: database passwords (can these be securely handled in maven?)
> Additional, medium-long term goals:
> Standardize the development environment and processes.
> Leverage the virtual infrastructure we have built with vmware: have the
> developers use standard VM images from templates (ensure consistent JDK, libs
> etc), integrate with lab manager/vApp/VMware Studio concepts.
thanks for the feedback & recommendations
In fact we already have one keen developer using Maven, and another using CI
(hudson) - 

On the medium/long term goal I would like to see us one day deploying to private
cloud via VMWare's vCloud API
or the like.

Some interesting activity in this area:

Looks like a fun integration project to marry all these together!


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