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From Fletcher Cocquyt <>
Subject Recommendations for Automating Deployments and then dev, qa, uat, prod testing
Date Sat, 23 Jan 2010 16:17:51 GMT
Hi, this question is coming from the operations team perspective.
Currently our (small 3 member) ops team is responsible for deploying java apps
weekly from a set of dozens in a less than great 4am-6am window on Wednesdays.

This process is not perfectly defined and slow - the developer's check all the
code into SVN and tag the release - ops checks it all out and builds it on the
tomcat nodes with the dev supplied ant build.xml.  This can take several minutes
per app per node and if there are any errors the 4-6am window is done.

So my initial goal is a way to better define the requirements around deployments
so we can go from the slow error-proone build from SVN tag, to something like
the quick packaged war file deployment.

One candidate seems to be maven -

Ideally, the entire release to production process would be such a well defined,
quick and pre-tested event, than ops would  only be notified if the 4am
deployment failed and the automated rollback also failed.

So questions about the things maven seems to address:
testing: unit, integration testing - article mentions selenium?
sensitive data: database passwords (can these be securely handled in maven?)

Additional, medium-long term goals:
Standardize the development environment and processes.
Leverage the virtual infrastructure we have built with vmware: have the
developers use standard VM images from templates (ensure consistent JDK, libs
etc), integrate with lab manager/vApp/VMware Studio concepts.

thanks for any feedback / recommendations,

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