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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Question about AJP Connector Configuration
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 00:11:56 GMT

"scotthamilton77" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I'm using Tomcat 6.0.20 fronted by Apache 2.2.10 with mod_proxy_ajp.  I'm
> trying to figure out some tuning/tweaks to our AJP connector, and have run
> into some oddities I am not sure about and want to see if someone can shed
> some light on this.
> The primary problem I'm trying to solve here is the effect of
> keepAliveTimeout at the connector level.  I'm reading
> and it tells me 
> that
> this is "the number of milliseconds this Connector will wait for another 
> request before closing the connection. The default value is to use the 
> value
> that has been set for the connectionTimeout attribute."
> Here's the kicker - I can't see where this ends up getting used - the
> behavior of the connector threads (watching them thru jconsole for 
> instance)
> doesn't seem to change no matter what I configure this to.  Furthermore,
> tracing thru the code, it looks like this setting is not even used (tho I
> could be missing something here).  The Connector class tries to do a
> setProperty for keepAliveTimeout on the JkCoyoteHandler class instance,
> which doesn't have a setter for this, so it goes into a properties map
> which, if I am following the code right, never gets used (meaning this
> particular keepAliveTimeout setting never gets pulled out).

Yes, the keepAliveTimeout is ignored by the JkCoyoteHandler AJP connector. 
Only the connectionTimeout is used.  The documentation should be cleaned up, 
since it is currently a mix of options that are supported by the different 
AJP connectors but not necessarily by others.

> I tried using tcnative under Windows to see if that made any difference, 
> and
> indeed it does - setting a value for keepAliveTimeout DOES get set but 
> then
> once that timeout occurs, my CPU utilization goes to 100% and my system
> crawls to a halt until I kill the tomcat java process.
> So... can someone explain whether the connectionTimeout and 
> keepAliveTimeout
> really do anything (useful) for AJP?  What am I missing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Scott
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