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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject Re: Building a more efficient war file
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 17:37:07 GMT
2010/1/21 Eric Pastoor <>
> I run a tomcat based website which run about 10 sports leagues.  All of the leagues
have their own war based webapp.
> Am I going about this totally wrong?

Well, a quick cost/benefit analysis...
- How much does the memory and disk to hold the extra copies of the files cost?
- How much does your time to think about changing this cost?
- How much time do you expect to spend in / save by making any change?
- Do you expect the changed version to have teething troubles that
might impact your users?

Other than for (some value of) conceptual neatness, why do you want to
do this?  What part of your life, your users' life or your business'
life will this improve?

I'm not aiming to persuade you against making the change, by the way;
nor do I intend to teach grandmother to suck eggs if you've got a
business case.  It's just surprising how many people don't cost $500
of staff time and $10,000 of unscheduled downtime when trying to save
$10 of RAM ;-).

- Peter

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