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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject Re: High Load examples?
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 11:45:19 GMT
2010/1/7 Alexander Skwar <>:
> Right now, we're using Bea WebLogic as our application server. We'd like to
> change to Tomcat 6. Now the creator of the application being run on the
> App Server said, that Tomcat works very well under low usage / low load
> situations. But if there are "many" (unsure about the definition of
> "many"...)
> users, Tomcat might tend to not perform so well anymore.
> I suppose "many" might mean like 50-100+ concurrent users using the App
> or system at the same time.
> Now I'm wondering, if that's actually true - does Tomcat not perform well
> anymore, if there are many users using it? Does anyone of you maybe have
> real world examples of high profile / high load sites using Tomcat (6)?

University of Leeds routinely had 100+ active users on its Bodington
VLE, and I'm aware of Sakai sites that load-balance across 4-8 Tomcat
application servers that can serve around 5,000 concurrent users.

A correctly configured Tomcat has no problem at high loads.  It's
barely possible your application creator might be talking in code for
the following: "Something in WebLogic means that our application runs
fine, whereas something in Tomcat tickles a bug in our application
that means it doesn't scale."  This isn't unusual - unless an
application is tested under many containers, it's very common for a
platform dependence to creep in.

- Peter

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