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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: admin tool, missing Environment Entries
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 02:03:57 GMT
> From: che10234 []
> Subject: RE: admin tool, missing Environment Entries
> I can't fill them in, they aren't even listed, I've got an empty page.

Sorry, that makes no sense to me.  <Environment> elements are created by whoever puts
together the <Context> element for the webapp - that's either you or the webapp developer.
 Use any convenient editor to update the <Context> element.

> It's like the admin tool can't find web.xml

If you're referring to the Tomcat admin webapp, be aware that it's pretty much dead - it wasn't
carried forward to 6.0, and has received only minimal maintenance for some time.

> I was hoping for a quick fix for the missing entries

Again, only *you* can supply the entries you want - nothing's going to magically create them
for you.

> It's an extra service, I still have the Catalina service in the
> server.xml as well.

O.k., that explains why the name is non-standard, but as you noted, it's probably overkill
to create a second <Service>.  If you want to keep Tomcat's ROOT available while having
a separate default webapp for regular clients, take a look at virtual hosting:

> I think I'll stop trying to force the thing to work and just start 
> slowly with a clean install and some reading.

Good idea; that's usually the fastest approach, even in the short term.

 - Chuck

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