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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: newbie: multiple ports for same tomcat server 5.0
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 20:29:38 GMT
Now here we have a case where I, the dummy on this forum, spend hours 
creating a work of ascii art explaining clearly and precisely to the OP 
what he needs to change, and where subsequently the two gurus manage, in 
just a couple of posts, to totally confuse the OP.

(And, by the way, it appears that "SSI", mentioned by the OP in the 
initial post, and which somewhat puzzled me too but which I decided to 
just copy along, should in reality have been noted "IIS".  Which makes 
it a lot clearer for everyone now.)

So, Chart, bear with me.

Go back to the picture.

In the first version, there was your current configuration, with the IIS 
server, which in all likelihood is currently listening on port 80.

In your original post, you indicated your intention of turning it off, 
and having (internal) users access Tomcat directly on port 80.

For that, you need Tomcat to listen on port 80, which it doesn't yet do 
So I tried to show you what you need to do to Tomat, so that it will 
listen on port 80 (essentially, add a <Connector>, similar to the one 
you have for port 8082, but this new one listening on port 80).

Unfortunately, in version 2 of the picture, where I represented this 
additional Connector, I also left in the IIS server (which also listens 
on port 80).
If both IIS and Tomcat are running on the same host, that does not work.
You cannot have IIS and Tomcat both listen, at the same time, on all IP 
addresses of the same host, and on port 80.
There is a conflict : only one of them can be doing that at any one time.


- if the IIS server is on another host than Tomcat, then it is fine, 
there is no conflict, and what I showed in version 2 is fine.

- if the IIS server and Tomcat are on the same host, then in principle 
only one of them can be listening on port 80.  So you have to start 
/either/ IIS /or/ Tomcat, but not both at the same time.
Which is OK if as you mentioned, you are going to eliminate IIS anyway.
(If you try to start Tomcat that way while IIS is running, Tomcat will 
not start, because it will be unable to open port 80; it is already taken).

IF however, IIS and Tomcat being on the same host, AND for some reason 
you still want to leave IIS running, then there is still a way to avoid 
the conflict. But it involves the fact that your host has at least 2 
distinct IP addresses, and a bit more configuration.
Which we will then explain to you if that is your case.

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