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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Securing Tomcat Applications from Reverse Engineering
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 16:23:19 GMT
Kranti™ K K Parisa wrote:
> Well there are soo many comments on the cost of IP and other tools. when we
> are a small team started working on a web based product with open source
> tools, for sure we can't spend too much on the tools to protect the IP
> rights. because once we deploy for few clients, if its a good product, what
> if they steal the code and also ideas. i agree to have legal terms and all
> that stuff. but that would be a big story for us being small.
> so just wanted to see if anything available to protect our work, ideas
> (ideas at code implementation level by using different opensource
> technologies, well there are many companies who started like this).
> anyways thanks for the comments, i would love to share if we invent anything
> in this process, because small is big and it matters :)
The basic principle is : if you developed it, then it is your code, and 
it is your decision what you do with it and how you sell it.
But do not forget that, more than the code itself, it is generally the 
quality of the service that you provide to your customers that will matter.

But I have another suggestion for you : you indicated this product that 
would allow to encrypt your code, and mentioned that it was expensive.
OK. Now, presumably, these people know why they developed it, and why 
they charge the price that they do.  Why do you not contact them, 
explain your situation, and ask them to explain why you should pay that 
price for their product ?
They must have arguments, and maybe they will convince you.  Or maybe 
they will offer you a discount.

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