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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Multiple Services running on single Server instance?
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 15:18:08 GMT
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On 1/20/2010 7:49 PM, Ted Steiner wrote:
> Is there any good reason to do this? If so, could someone please let
> me know and possibly provide an example?

I can think of a few reasons you might want to do this:

1. You want to test the setup of a cluster, but don't have extra
physical machines laying around for such a test.

2. You want to run separate instances of one webapp (or different
webapps) and be able to start/stop them independently of each other. (We
do this in production so we can upgrade one application independently of
the others. That includes updating server-wide JDBC drivers, Tomcat
version, etc. It also insulates each webapp from bringing down the
others in case there is some kind of problem like OOME).

3. You need to specify the load ordering of webapps because they depend
upon each other in certain ways. Since you can't force Tomcat to load
webapps in a certain order, you can run them in separate instances and
start those instances in a specific order.

I'm sure there are other reasons, but generally it's best in terms of
resource usage to run all webapps in a single Tomcat instance. If you
run multiple Tomcat instances and don't want your users to have to use
non-standard HTTP port numbers, you'll have to front your Tomcats with
an HTTP router (usually some kind of lb device/software or a web server).

Hope that helps,
- -chris
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