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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Log files? - [solved]
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 18:22:14 GMT
Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> And so long as you're relying on the fragile Ubuntu-broken version of
> Tomcat, you can count on more similar surprises. Good luck running
> *that* in production.

Ok guys, I take issue with that statement.
I am not a Debian or Ubuntu packager.
We are using, on multiple production servers and development systems, 
Ubuntu and Debian Tomcat packages.  They are not "broken"; they work fine.
The packagers of Debian and Ubuntu do a good job overall.
Using these packages, you can install and run Tomcat as a daemon, at the 
command-line with a simple
"apt-get install tomcatxx"
to install it within one minute, and de-install it just as easily with a
"apt-get remove tomcatxx"
It takes care of resolving and installing any dependencies (such as 
Java) if needed, and it fits with the other umpteen packages installed 
or to-be-installed on the same system. And it automatically installs 
(and calls) the appropriate startup scripts, without breaking anything else.

The issue is NOT that these packages are broken; they usually are not.
Sometimes it happens that a package is broken.  Sometimes it happens 
that the official Tomcat code has a bug.

The issue here, on this forum, is that most people capable to help 
fundamentally with Tomcat issues, do not generally know where these 
packages install what.  That does make it more complicated to help 
someone who comes requesting help with a problem.
It is much easier when a user wanting help has installed the "official" 
version of Tomcat, because then everyone knows where the files are.

That is a justifiable reason, sometimes, to recommend to a user to 
de-install the OS-specific packaged version and install the official 
But it is no justification for disparaging the packaged versions in 
general and in the absolute.  They do play an important role, by 
allowing people without any particularly deep knowledge of Tomcat or 
Java, to at least start using it and appreciate it, without having to 
spend weeks learning all about it beforehand.

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