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From Pid <>
Subject Re: More on Tomcat Sessions - limiting cluster session replication to sessions that will last longer than 'n' duration
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 17:27:56 GMT
On 12/01/2010 16:47, Robin Wilson wrote:
> Earlier this week I posted a question about how to prevent sessions from being created
in our Tapestry pages, and/or how to get Tomcat to get rid of a bunch of '1-second' sessions
we're creating during a load test because the sessions eventually fill up the heap. (They
are being created faster than Tomcat can clean them out - even though they expire faster than
we create them.)
> So, my lead developer thinks he has found a way to alleviate our problems (at least for
our production Tomcat 6.0.20 cluster of 4 servers). We will not replicate sessions to other
cluster members unless they have a duration longer than a 'threshold' we set. We are altering
the DeltaManager to make this change, so that simply creating a session doesn't automatically
guarantee that it is replicated to other nodes in the cluster. The session duration will also
have to be greater than a "sessionDurationMinThreshold" value we will set in the 'server.xml'
file for the new DeltaManager. The idea is that sessions created that have very short durations
are really 'transient' anyway, so there is no need to pass them off to the other members of
the cluster.
> The question I have, is there anything we should watch out for in making this adjustment
to the DeltaManager? We will test this pretty heavily before we deploy it to our production
environment, but I'm worried about things we should be looking for in that testing (other
than just validating that our "useful" session data can be available across multiple cluster

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