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From Pid <>
Subject Re: 401 Error with Basic Auth and Tomcat
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2010 21:36:04 GMT
On 09/01/2010 23:16, cgswtsu78 wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using the below httpd configuration in order to secure a resource
> ("/reportsvcs_ws") using basic auth.  When I hit the url
> https://host/reportsvcs_ws without authing, I'm prompted as expected but I
> get a http status code of 401 when accessing the resource.  I get the same
> status code when I do auth prior to accessing the reportsvcs_ws resource.
> The reportsvcs_ws resource is also using mod_jk to direct the request from
> apache to tomcat.  Any ideas?  Of course when I remove the below httpd
> configuration the resource is accessible. Any ideas on what may be
> happening?
> <Location "/reportsvcs_ws">
>    Order allow,deny
>    Allow from all
>    AuthType Basic
>    AuthName "Report Service"
>    AuthUserFile filepath/usersfile
>    require valid-user
> </Location>

You'll probably find better aasistance on the HTTPD users list, if it's 
the HTTPD auth config that's broken.


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