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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: High Load examples?
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 15:22:42 GMT
On 07.01.2010 12:24, Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Right now, we're using Bea WebLogic as our application server. We'd like to
> change to Tomcat 6. Now the creator of the application being run on the
> App Server said, that Tomcat works very well under low usage / low load
> situations. But if there are "many" (unsure about the definition of
> "many"...)
> users, Tomcat might tend to not perform so well anymore.

I'd say that's a clear case of FUD [1].

Of course there will be performance differences between various 
implementations of the same spec and between different core 
architectures, but I can confirm that I know lots of applications that 
run in production on Tomcat with

- more than 1.000 users logged in per instance (sessions)
- more than 500 requests per second per instance
- more than 100 concurrent requests

> I suppose "many" might mean like 50-100+ concurrent users using the App
> or system at the same time.
> Now I'm wondering, if that's actually true - does Tomcat not perform well
> anymore, if there are many users using it? Does anyone of you maybe have
> real world examples of high profile / high load sites using Tomcat (6)?

I'm not allowed to disclose details, but examples are banking 
applications with multi million registered users, social networks again 
with mutli million registered users and very active ecommerce sites.

There's lots of business critical and high load Tomcat deployment out there.

But: in all cases I did performance troubleshooting the root cause was 
either in the web application or some outside component. Tomcat only 
limits what you can achieve and those limits are usually much higher 
than what you need. The amount of performance you really achieve at the 
end ist mostly limited by the web application itself.




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