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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: jsessionid on EXACTLY the 2nd request?
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 22:15:49 GMT
On 04/01/2010 21:43, Ken Bowen wrote:
> I'm not sure about that.

Run through your test again, but this time:
a) look at the html source of the responses and/or look at the URLs for
the links you are clicking on before you click on them.

>   Here's what seems to me to be the sequence of
> events:
> Browser sends initial request
>         Tomcat creates session and generates page for this request.
>         Tomcat doesn't know that Browser supports cookies, so it should
> append jsessionid (but doesn't ??)

Nope. The URL displayed in the address bar is the one you requested. You
should also take a look at the links in the html source at this point.

> Browser get's Tomcat response & display's page with address:  


> Browser creates JSESSIONID cookie (using info supplied by Tomcat in
> response):
> Cookie has contents:    4E4F86E5B779F43BCA7895B8A554FDCD
> -----
>  Browser makes  2nd request, for http://myapp/anotherPage.  Browser must
> definitely by now be stating that it supports cookies.

Correct. But look at the URL for the link you click on at this point.

>          Tomcat prepares response, adding jsessionid (why?),

Nope. Again, the URL in the address bar is the URL you requested. It is
not part of the response.

> the SAME
> jsessionid as in the cookie: 4E4F86E5B779F43BCA7895B8A554FDCD
> Browser displays response with jsessionid showing in address bar.


> ----
> More interactions,  but no more jsessionid's.....



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