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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Silent Installation Options
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:37:03 GMT
2010/1/19 Krantiā„¢ K K Parisa <>:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to install Tomcat thru command line ( need this to include the
> tomcat installation file thru our product installer).
> I am able to use upto this
> command prompt > tomcat5525.exe /S /D=d:\MyTomcat

Why 5.5.25 ?? That is an old release.

> but i want to know more options available for this

I am afraid that that is not possible.

The NSIS installer does not provide built-in support for an answer
file, and we have not coded such support by ourselves.   (The patches
are always welcome, and the file in question is res/tomcat.nsi  or
build/tomcat.nsi in TC 5.5).

Also, what the installer installs is a good start for a developer, or
for a system administrator that will tune it for production,  but
there was no intention to provide direct control of all the available
configuration options.  I will mention some of them below.

You would better start with a zip archive.

Note, that
- in 5.5.28 there is a single zip, containing versions of tomcat5.exe
for different CPU architectures.

- in 6.6.x that is expected to be released very soon (that will be
6.0.24, I suppose),
there will be
with binaries for 32-bit CPUs, and separate
 * and  *
for AMD/Intel x64_86 and Intel Itanium CPUs respectively.

You may look at the dev@ list for the release candidate links.

> like specifying the JAVA HOME,

When using Service launcher, the value of JVM dll to be used is stored
in the registry. The environment variables are not used.

The service launcher, tomcat5.exe, can configure itself it you call it
with relevant command-line options.  -- see service.bat for an example
The values are usually passed as environment variables. See the daemon
project in for documentation:

Note, that the registry path depends on the name of the exe file.
That is, rename tomcat5.exe and tomcat5w.exe to something else to have
a different instance of the Service

tomcat5.exe and tomcat6.exe in Tomcat 5.5 and in Tomcat 6 are actually
the same file, but with different names

Be sure to install tomcat(5|6).exe for the right CPU architecture.
The installer determines the architecture by reading some environment
variables provided by the system (see the *.nsi file).

> Port numbers, components to be installed..etc

Be sure to specify shutdown port that is unique. I saw one product
that changed the AJP port, but still used 8005 for shutdown.

Tip: You can use properties substitution (${propname}) in the
server.xml file and define the necessary properties in file.

Also, the when running as a service the shutdown port is not needed
and you should be able to set it to -1 -- see configuration reference
for details.

If you do not need manager/host-manager, remove their *.xml context
files from conf/Catalina/localhost/  and their code from
server/webapps/    Other unnecessary applications are in the webapps/

In TC 6 all of them are in webapps/.

You can also remove unneeded user names/roles from conf/tomcat-users.xml,
and either remove the "UserDatabase" resource (that references
tomcat-users.xml) from server.xml, or add readonly="true" attribute to
it so that the file will not be overwritten on startup.

You may also want to tune conf/ to do not generate
unnecessary logs.

> I was browsing all over but didn't get a clear documentation on this.
> Can anyone help me on this.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best Regards,
> Kranti K K Parisa

If you have any questions, please ask.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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