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Subject Re: Recommendations for Automating Deployments and then dev, qa, uat, prod testing
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 00:56:55 GMT
How about CI - continious integration server that builds, tests, and
deploys the apps if the tests are successful?

There are a few great CI servers out there. I happen to use Bamboo
from atlassian. All CI use a build tool like ant or maven.

CI would make your small ops team superstars.

On 1/23/10, Pierre Goupil <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Maven can for sure cover all these needs. But be aware that it has a steep
> learning curve and that if someone uses it, everybody should do so.
> Depending upon your role on the project the required level of knowledge will
> vary, though.  For an operationnal guy it may reduce to launch 2 or 3
> well-defined goal, for most developers, it may reduce to 3-4 more. But in
> the beginning, someone will have to study the whole problematic and write
> the POM files.
> According to what I see of your need, I'd recommend to do a small-step study
> after applying to a professional training: Maven is a very rich tool and
> whoever will write the POMs will benefit (regarding cost and hassle) from
> not to have and learn everything by himself.
> Plus, it could be a best practice not to put all critical build-system
> knowledge in the same hands.
> Regards,
> Pierre
> On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 5:17 PM, Fletcher Cocquyt
> <>wrote:
>> Hi, this question is coming from the operations team perspective.
>> Currently our (small 3 member) ops team is responsible for deploying java
>> apps
>> weekly from a set of dozens in a less than great 4am-6am window on
>> Wednesdays.
>> This process is not perfectly defined and slow - the developer's check all
>> the
>> code into SVN and tag the release - ops checks it all out and builds it on
>> the
>> tomcat nodes with the dev supplied ant build.xml.  This can take several
>> minutes
>> per app per node and if there are any errors the 4-6am window is done.
>> So my initial goal is a way to better define the requirements around
>> deployments
>> so we can go from the slow error-proone build from SVN tag, to something
>> like
>> the quick packaged war file deployment.
>> One candidate seems to be maven -
>> Ideally, the entire release to production process would be such a well
>> defined,
>> quick and pre-tested event, than ops would  only be notified if the 4am
>> deployment failed and the automated rollback also failed.
>> So questions about the things maven seems to address:
>> testing: unit, integration testing - article mentions selenium?
>> sensitive data: database passwords (can these be securely handled in
>> maven?)
>> Additional, medium-long term goals:
>> Standardize the development environment and processes.
>> Leverage the virtual infrastructure we have built with vmware: have the
>> developers use standard VM images from templates (ensure consistent JDK,
>> libs
>> etc), integrate with lab manager/vApp/VMware Studio concepts.
>> thanks for any feedback / recommendations,
>> Fletcher.
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