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From che10234 <>
Subject RE: admin tool, missing Environment Entries
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 01:41:39 GMT

>Why is that a problem?  Filling it in (if it's needed) is one of *your*
migration tasks.

I can't fill them in, they aren't even listed, I've got an empty page. It's
like the admin tool can't find web.xml

>>Here is the relevant portion of the server.xml file:
>Which is seriously broken.  You can't simply copy items from an old version
of Tomcat into a newer one; >you need to read the doc for the target version
and implement the required settings.

Ya you're right, as you can see I don't have a very good grasp of the Tomcat
architecture. I was hoping for a quick fix for the missing entries, but I
see I 'm going to have to start some heavy reading.

>>> <Service name="Applications">
>>I'm curious; why did you change the Service name from Catalina?  Doing so
just makes things >>confusing, since you've now got a one-off configuration
unlike anyone else's.

It's an extra service, I still have the Catalina service in the server.xml
as well. But I guess there is no reason to separate my application, I'm olny
running 2 applications under tomcat.

>     <Engine defaultHost="myhost" name="ApplicationEngine">
>>The <Engine> name and the <Service> name should be the same, again to
avoid confusion.

>       <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
> prefix="myhost_log." suffix=".txt" timestamp="true"/>
>><Logger> elements haven't been supported in years, certainly not in any
5.5.x version.

>       <Context displayName="myhost ROOT Application"
> docBase="/var/apache/tomcat/myhost" path="" debug="9">
>       </Context>

>       <Context docBase="/raidweb/web2/sessions/guid" path="/pdfs">
>       </Context>
>>The above <Context> should be placed in
$TOMCAT_BASE/conf/ApplicationEngine/myhost/pdfs.xml, >>not in server.xml,
and the path attribute removed.

Thanks for the info Chuck. I think I'll stop trying to force the thing to
work and just start slowly with a clean install and some reading.


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