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From Jesse Klaasse <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 100% CPU usage after moving from Java 5 to 6
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 13:25:24 GMT

Hi Leon,

I don't know what you mean exactly by "re-intrant", but your comment points
out I have created an endless while-loop! Apart from moving to Java 6, I had
commented out some lines to reduce logging, not noticing I had created an
endless loop by doing so. I only did this in a jar compiled for Java 6, so
everytime I tried rolling back to Java 5, I also used the old jar (which
didn't have the lines commented out), and the old jar didn't have the
infinite loop. Stupid!

I was completely sure the change from Java 5 to Java 6 was a far bigger one
than the commented-out-lines, but this turns out to be not true at all in
this case!

Best regards, and thanks again!

Leon Rosenberg-3 wrote:
> Hello Jesse,
> is the Workflow re-intrant? If yes:
> this is odd:
> you are iterating in a re-intrant action (i assume the action is
> re-intrant) over a shared variable?
> 	  Vector vecOids = new Vector();
> ....
> in the method:
> 		  Iterator oidIterator = vecOids.iterator();
> 		  while (oidIterator.hasNext())
> 		  {
> 		    //System.out.println("Workflow/doAction: oid=" +
> ((ObjectId);
> 		  }
> and you are modifying this vector at multiple places in the same class.
> You should probably unit-test this code for concurrency.
> regards
> Leon

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