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From "Joseph Morgan" <>
Subject RE: Data Binding in JSP
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:21:34 GMT
Keep in mind the overall architecture.  The user is actually using an
HTML page containing HTML fields.  The browser (nor the HTML) has no
actual knowledge of the DB or any binding or ORM you have on your

So, on the server side, you have 2 primary components; servlets for
validating and processing the incoming page data and jsps for
dynamically generating the HTML form for the user's consumption and use.

This is a standard development pattern, and many ORMs exist (read up on
Hibernate) for helping with the data, and many frameworks exist for
helping with the control architecture (see Struts and Spring).  In the
middle of it all, you should have a nice set of POJOs for holding this
data.  The servlets can send populate these POJOs to the JSPs for
inclusion in the HTML output.

So, the question really becomes, what are you missing?


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From: jithu mada [] 
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 6:28 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Data Binding in JSP


I need suggestion on how to do Data binding in JSP's?

I have a requirement, which is to display the table data and the user
add,update or delete the data to it. I am using and JSP's and Servlets.

I was searching online to find if there are any data binding frameworks
available which I can use, so that when the user modifies the table
data, I
can bind it directly to the java beans. But only thing I found was
displaying data, pagination and sorting. I couldn't find much info on
binding the modified data.

If you have done something similar  before of have any suggestions,
send it to me.


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