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From Mirko Solic <>
Subject Re: mod_jk codepage in header values
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:02:33 GMT
> > According to André Warnier:
> >
> >> But, because the HTTP RFC specifies that HTTP headers 
> >> should contain only US-ASCII character data, mod_jk would be allowed,
> >> if 
> >> it finds non-US-ASCII data in a HTTP header, to strip this data or 
> >> ignore the header or something like that.  I don't know if mod_jk 
> >> actually does this, but if it did, it would be justified, because 
> >> according to the HTTP RFC this would be an invalid header.
> > 
> > Than i have no values to decode to.
> I can tell you there's no reason for mod_jk to do this, and I don't
> believe it does, for the testing I have performed does not demonstrate
> that behavior.

Yes. It is also working for me. I have no problem whit that at the
moment. My fear is just that at some point in future won't work any

> > 
> > I agree with you here: Using HTTP headers for text data sucks!. But AAI
> > is not supported on tomcat yet. However it is supported on apache and
> > the only way for me if i want to use AAI and tomcat is to use mod_jk
> > connector. But mod_jk is transporting environment variables from apache
> > to tomcat in HTTP header.
> That sounds like an AAI bug, not an httpd/mod_jk/Tomcat bug: mod_jk
> sends environment variables as request /attributes/, not request
> headers. (See the "JkEnvVar" directive in
> If AAI
> is creating new request headers, it's AAI's fault for incorrectly
> formatting them. If you can get this data from a request /attribute/
> instead, then maybe that's a better option (though there are no
> references to character encoding in the documentation for JkEnvVar).

OK. He was my mistake i thought that mod_jk automatically takes
environment  variables and puts them in header. But, yes, as you said
this is done by AAI. So right encoding should be done by AAI side. Thank
you for clearing that up.

Just for info. I try to put in JkEnvVar directive, value with utf8
character encoding and the result was the same. On the tomcat side i got
(through  request.getAttribute(attributeName)) value in ISO-8859-1
character encoding.

lp mirko 

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