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From "John Tangney" <>
Subject RE: Different apps clustering on the same Tomcat?
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 17:37:35 GMT
Thanks, Chuck.

Caldarale, Charles R <> wrote ..
> > From: John Tangney []
> > Is it possible to get two apps in the same Tomcat instance to exchange
> > session info, in a cluster? If so, how?
> Not sure what you're asking.

Apologies if I was not clear.

We have two machines, each with a Tomcat, forming a cluster. An app named "gh" runs on each
cluster node. We want to add a second app to one of the Tomcats (call it gh2  it's just a
clone of gh) that synchronizes sessions with gh on all of the nodes.

> Multiple apps in one Tomcat cannot share a session, since that's prohibited by
> the servlet spec.  

I think you've answered my question. So gh2 cannot synchronize sessions with gh  on the same
cluster node or not.

> You can create a bean from a class in a shared library to hold
> data needed by both apps.

Ah, this sounds promising! Where would this shared library live so that both apps can talk
to it?

Just for background... In an ideal world, we'd just buy another server and add it to the (existing)
cluster. But we are looking for ways to get the benefit of another cluster node without new


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