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From Egeste <>
Subject tomcat, uPortal, error messages and confusion
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 21:14:19 GMT
I've recently been trying to implement uPortal on my debian linux  
server running the following binaries:

ant 1.7.1

Again, attempting to deploy uPortal version 3.0.4

in communication with the uPortal mailing list, I was advised to seek  
advice from this group regarding the following thread:

==BEGIN uPortal THREAD==

If you stop tomcat (kill if needed), clear out all your logs, rm -rf  
work/Catalina/localhost, and start tomcat, what do you see in your  
logs? also, there is a chance that you don't have tomcat configured to  
autodeploy, which could be the reason for no response (it isn't  
deploying uPortal etc. and/or compiling the jsps etc. and putting them  
in the work/... dir).

If you are new to tomcat, you might also want to check out the tomcat- 
users list and ask there to get up to speed with Tomcat first:

Unfortunately even though uPortal uses Tomcat, admining Tomcat is not  
the point of this list. :( Wish I could be of better help.


Egeste wrote:
> Gary, thank you for your advice.
> I had not run the deployPortletApp task. After running the task and  
> restarting tomcat, no new errors were generated in catalina.log,  
> however browsing to localhost on port 8080 returns 0 bytes, or  
> localhost:8080/uPortal returns a tomcat 404 message, and i cant seem  
> to locate any portal.log file.
> Following this I proceeded with step 2, changing the ownership of  
> tomcat_home/webapps and tomcat_home/logs to tomcat55 (the user  
> tomcat runs as), as well as deleting tomcat_home/work/Catalina/ 
> localhost. Once again, after restarting tomcat I get a 0 byte  
> response from localhost:8080 and a tomcat 404 from localhost:8080/ 
> uPortal. Again, no portal.log is created.
> Is there any more insight anyone could shed on this?
> Thanks in advance
> -Steve
> On Dec 7, 2009, at 12:19 PM, Gary Weaver wrote:
>> As a correction for solution to issue 2, I meant a recursive chown  
>> (it is unlikely that the files themselves have wrong attributes, so  
>> chmod prob not needed).
>> Gary Weaver wrote:
>>> Issue 1:
>>> Did you use uPortal to deploy your portlet via the ant/maven task?  
>>> Looking at your web.xml I don't see the part that is automatically  
>>> generated by that process.
>>> That "plutofication" process will add portlet.tld to the deployed  
>>> portlet (webapp) and will modify (add some XML to) web.xml (using  
>>> your portlet.xml).
>>> While you *can* include these changes yourself in the portlet  
>>> without going through uPortal, it is highly recommended by the  
>>> uPortal developers to use the deployPortletApp process instead  
>>> because it includes the portlet.tld and web.xml changes that are  
>>> specific for the version of the Apache Pluto that uPortal uses.
>>> Issue 2:
>>> Looks like you have some permissions issues. If possible do a  
>>> recursive chmod to add read and write rights to the user/group  
>>> that Tomcat is running as on your (tomcat home)/webapps directory,  
>>> do the same for your (tomcat home)/logs and you might want to  
>>> remove (rm -rf) (tomcat home)/work/Catalina/localhost directory  
>>> just in case it compiled some stuff as a diff user if you ran  
>>> Tomcat as one user and then later as another user.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Gary
>>> Egeste wrote:
>>>> When I deploy war and start tomcat, I'm getting this error. Any  
>>>> advice?
>>>> Error:
>>>> portlet.tld
>>>> web.xml
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>>>> as:
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I've read through much of the documentation in my learning process  
attempting to deploy this app, but have not come across anything that  
has jumped out as a feasible or probable solution or coherent  
definition of the problem I'm experiencing. At this point I no longer  
have any error logs to interpret and would appreciate any guidance.

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