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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat shutdown automaticly after randomaly period of time
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 08:36:35 GMT
Tomcat1 wrote:
> hi,
> i have Tomcat 6.0.20. i config server.xml to work with SSL. the problem is
> that Tomcat shutdown after randomaly period of time and doesnt restart
> again.

It is not very clear what your problem is.  You have to be a bit more 
specific in your explanation.
Also tell us on which platform this is running, and the JVM version

The log which you included, shows a problem when Tomcat *starts*.
The problem, when Tomcat starts, is that when it tries to create the 
Connector on port 8443, it finds that this port is already in use by 
another process.  That is why it says :

> SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint
> Address already in use<null>:8443

To see why that is, you need to :
- stop Tomcat
- find out if something else is using that port 8443.
Under both Unix/Linux and Windows, you can use the "netstat" command for 
that.  Look for a line that has ":8443" and "LISTEN" in it.
- if nothing else is using it, it may be that when you believed that 
Tomcat was stopped, it was not.

You have to resolve that first.

Once that issue is sorted out, then maybe we can start looking why 
"Tomcat shutdown after a random period".
That is not normal.  Tomcat does not usually shutdown by itself.
But that problem is not shown in the logfile that you copied here.

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