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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Limit user sessions in tomcat
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:23:59 GMT
Chetan Chheda wrote:
> Andre, 
> We have a vast user population thats geographically dispersed, so implementing something
thru the system would be the favourable approach.. 
> Can you point me to links on the web that explain the add on modules and their implementation?

> All, 
>     Is there a 3rd party tool available to manage tomcat sessions and kill them once
they go rogue? We dont have an inhouse development staff, so the best approach would be buying
something off the shelf if it exists..
For something at the apache httpd front-end level, maybe start with a 
Google search for "apache mod_cband".
A direct link :

I am suggesting this because you were mentioning mod_jk, implying that 
you have an Apache httpd front-end.
I believe that if you want to limit this kind of thing, it is better to 
do it as early as possible when a request comes in, rather than waiting 
until an Apache/Tomcat connection is already established, and a Tomcat 
thread if already dedicated to processing this request (if only to 
reject it later).

At the Apache level, instead of using something like

JkMount /myApp ajp13
JkMount /myApp/* ajp13

to select which requests will be forwarded by Apache, via mod_jk, to 
Tomcat, you can use the alternative setup explained at the very end of 
this page :

I find that this provides a clearer way to combine Apache configuration 
directives with the mod_jk proxying instructions.

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