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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: About the http requests cache of Tomcat 5.5.26
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 23:02:14 GMT
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On 12/10/2009 3:31 AM, Peter Chen wrote:
> I first start the DB Mysql 5.0, then start Tomcat 5.5.26. The Tomcat
> can connect to the DB correctly.
> Then I start LoadRunner to send lots of HTTP request.
> During the period, I killed the process of MYSQL, so the tomcat
> can't connect to DB.  And threads of processing HTTP requests have to
> wait.

I'm not sure the above information is relevant to your question. Am I
missing something?

> In all, I emulate 300 users with the help of LoadRunner, and I
> finish sending HTTP request in 5 minutes.

So, you have 5 minutes of activity, followed by no activity?

> I am watching the log of Tomcat.  I found after 20 minutes, the 
> Tomcat still create lots of new sessions. But the LoadRunner has 
> stopped to send request for 15 minutes.

How are you observing the creation of new sessions?

> Why?

That remains to be determined.

> And how many HTTP requests can the Tomcat put in cache?

That depends on what you mean by "put in cache"?

If you mean "how many requests can Tomcat accept simultaneously?", then
that depends on the value of maxThreads in your <Connector> (or the
associated <Executor>, if you're using one).

If you mean "how many requests will the operating system queue on top of
those currently being processed by maxThreads?", then that depends on
the value of acceptCount in your <Connector>.

If you really mean "how many requests does Tomcat put in cache", then
the answer is "Tomcat does not put requests in any cache".

- -chris
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