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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Feedback on Tomcat Client Deployer
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 17:23:38 GMT
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(Moving this discussion back onto the tomcat-user list.)

On 12/9/2009 2:50 AM, Tero Karttunen wrote:
>>> In this configuration I regularly need to deploy or re-deploy new
>>> applications to all the Tomcat instances, and I was surprised to find
>>> out that the support for this out-of-box was quite poor. All I could
>>> find was Tomcat Client Deployer package, and all the documentation I
>>> could find was the chapter four in the Tomcat user guide.
>> What is the "Tomcat user guide" and what is covered in chapter 4?
> Is this a trick question? :-) I am talking about this page:
> and if you
> look at the left sidebar or the Documentation Index, you can see that
> the whole documentation composition is called "Tomcat user guide".

Sorry, I never noticed that the web site calls this the "User Guide",
though it should have been completely obvious. I have all kinds of
gripes about the online documentation that I generally keep quiet about
:) Sorry for the confusion.

>> You're right: the ant tasks are almost completely undocumented. Would
>> you consider submitting a patch for the documentation?
> In the absence of the original specification documents? :-) Sorry, I
> just forget that that they seldom exist in the enterprise world
> either...

This is a OSS project: the original specifications are called "source
code" :)

>> You are welcome to script whatever your environment requires. Again,
>> patches are welcome.
> Maybe there is something I can do to help - the least I can do is to
> comment and share my new script.

That would be great.

>> All the ant tasks should be in the same JAR file.
> No! We are talking about two different things here.

After building the source package, I can see that catalina-ant.jar
exists and contains JKStatusUpdateTask.class:

    6529  Defl:N     2608  60%  12-09-09 12:16  2839cd3b

> Correct me if I am
> wrong, but Tomcat Manager has its ant tasks in catalina-ant.jar

The manager itself doesn't care where the tasks are located. I would
suspect that the manager uses JMX to do its (re-)deployments rather than
calling-out to ant to do its dirty work. IIRC, it's the other way
around: the ant tasks use the manager app do to /their/ dirty work.

> but
> JK Status Worker has its ant tasks in tomcat-jkstatus-ant.jar file.

I don't see a tomcat-jkstatus-ant.jar file at all. The catalina-ant.jar
file contains the JKStatusUpdateTask when I build it per the
instructions in BUILDING.txt that came with the source package. I'm not
sure why the binary package doesn't include this JAR.

> In the meanwhile, it would be great if someone could make the latest
> version tomcat-jkstatus-ant.jar available for download separately!

Or, at least along with the binary distribution of Tomcat.

- -chris
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