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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Understanding url-patterns
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:54:55 GMT
Jonathan Mast wrote:
> I actually spent an hour and half trying to find the Servlet 2.5 specs and
> researching this question in general.  The only thing on Sun's site for
> Servlet 2.5 was the Javadocs, not the actual specs.  In fact I even found
> other people who had the same issue of not being able to find the Specs as a
> PDF.
> I have would be tickled to death to be able to read the specs straight from
> the source, but since I couldn't find the source, I figured I would ask
> another source of information, ie this list.

Independently of the other answers, just 2 notes :

1) probably the reason why nobody wants to give you another answer than 
to read the specs, is that when you will have read the specs about the 
URL wildcards, you will not only have your answer, but also be somewhat 
puzzled yourself as to why the specs writers had to go and re-invent yet 
another way of doing wildcards all for themselves.
You would thus probably not believe it if we just told you, so it is 
better if you read the original specs. They are, after all, the specs, 
and Tomcat has to abide by them.

2) Even apart from that, and even for non-specifically-Java types like 
me, the specs are more or less readable, and the parts that are readable 
are very enlightening for anyone having to deal with Tomcat (or servlet 
servers in general).  So the gurus here are actually trying to do you a 
favor by forcing you to go read them.
The additional benefit is that the next time someone on this list asks a 
question that is clearly non-sensical and/or in contravention of the 
specs, you will be able to tell them : "read the servlet specs".
Makes you immediately sound like a pro.

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