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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: directory path
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 09:17:42 GMT
File Send wrote:
> Hi Team,
>   I have started using Tomcat 5.5.27 recently and now I would like to
> integrate with Axis for web service development.However, I could see many
> web-inf and lib folders so I am confused where I should keep my library
> files. I thought of using this location C:\Documents and Settings\minglau\My
> Documents\Tomcat5.5\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\webapps. However, it does not seem
> to be appropriate. Another thing - I also wrote jsp and kept it at
> C:\Documents and Settings\minglau\My
> Documents\Tomcat5.5\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\webapps\ROOT location but its not
> getting detected from browser by typing the url
> http://localhost:8080/xyz.jsp. Can any one please suggest the answers for
> these two issues. 

One tip : de-install Tomcat, and re-install it to some sensible 
location, like c:\tomcat.
If nothing else, it will save you a lot of typing, and save time to 
other people on this list trying to follow your posts.

Other than that, what really happens when you enter 
"http://localhost:8080/xyz.jsp" in the browser's URL bar ?

"not getting detected" is not really helpful here.

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