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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Can service output be redirected to the terminal window?
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 23:45:41 GMT
Vadim Letitchevski wrote:
> I am new to Tomcat.
> 1. I have several services written under axis2. I deployed them statically into Tomcat
but don't seem to be able to list those services.
> 2. I have noticed that startup.bat  (under Windows) starts the separate terminal for
the service output in oppose to (in Unix).
> Is there way to direct my service output into the separate terminal window? I was using
the apache axis2 server until now, but have to switch to Tomcat because I do not know how
to make apache server to use SSL (how to configure it?) My service uses println output, it
is a test utility and I want to keep it simple even if it is not most beautiful or optimal
Vadim, I cannot really answer your question; but it is not very clear 
here if your question relates to Tomcat under Windows, or under Unix.
Maybe this is due to the fact that the word "service" under Windows can 
be confusing.
Under Windows, startup.bat is used to run Tomcat in a console window, 
not as a "Windows Service". Running Tomcat as a "Windows Service" 
happens through another mechanism, which does not use startup.bat.

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