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From Scott Dudley <>
Subject Tomcat 5 vs 6 Context useNaming Behavior
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 23:51:38 GMT

We have a legacy application that's been running on the 5.5.X versions 
for several years.  This application manipulates the JNDI context in 
such a manner that would now be considered "unusual".  In a nutshell, 
it's because the application framework was written concurrent with and 
prior to development of current standards.  The application instantiates 
the context, creates and binds it's own JDBC pool, etc. with no relevant 
edits to any of Tomcat's configuration files.

As long as useNaming is set to false for the <Context> in 5.5.X, this 
works splendidly.  In 6.0.20, no matter the setting (true/false), we get 
the same Exception as when useNaming is set to true in 5.5.X:

    javax.naming.NamingException: Name comp is not bound in this Context

Relevant snippet:

    Context context = new InitialContext();

Is there a known/related useNaming bug or have I missed some new 
configuration nugget?

Many thanks in advance.

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