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From <>
Subject RE: How to get java process id of a user running tomcat
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 17:54:09 GMT
Thanks for the reply,

Out of interest the man page for jps states:
NOTE:  This  utility  is unsupported and may not be available in future versions of the JDK.
It is not 
currently available on Windows 98 and Windows ME platforms.

This might just be a entry that has not been removed... and the utility is supported... and
available in future versions.

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From: Pid [] 
Sent: 03 December 2009 17:37
Subject: Re: How to get java process id of a user running tomcat

On 03/12/2009 17:09, wrote:
> Hi
> Me being the one who made the ridiculous suggestion of using ps, am now enlightened and
will be using jps -mlv and spreading the word...
> That being said is there any opinions about the soundness of using the Redhat/Centos
startup/shutdown script for Tomcat?

No idea how it works, but presumably it was written to shutdown the 
server, ergo it should be reasonable to use it as intended.

If Tomcat doesn't stop, find out why.


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