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From "R. S. Patil" <>
Subject Re: Putting Docbase on network drive. Is it Possible ?
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 17:56:51 GMT
Thanks Chuck Caldarale

>> <Context path="/Test-E"
>>       docBase="E:/"
>>       antiResourceLocking="false"
>>       allowLinking="true"
>>       />
> Take out the path attribute (it's not allowed) and the allowLinking attribute (ineffective
on Windows).
where can I get more info about attributes and deployment xml file ?

>> If I try with http://localhost:8080/Test-E I wont get Error response.
> Not getting an error response is usually a good thing.  What do you get?
sorry it's a typo actually it should be "I get error response" "wont"
is a extra word

>> I am newbie to Tomcat and would like to know whether docbase
>> on mapped drives are permitted or Not ?
> Works fine for me - as long as I'm running Tomcat via the startup.bat script.  If you're
running Tomcat as a service, the service has no access to any drive mappings you've made under
your userid.
Thanks a nice explanation. I am starting tomcat with tomcat monitor.
it seems that
it starts tomcat as service. I will try with bat file and let u know.
If it does then
it will save lot of our time and debugging will also be possible.

Thanks and best regards


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