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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Char Encoding text streams on Tomcat 5.5 and Linux
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 16:11:02 GMT
Juha Laiho wrote:
> Dan Bagley wrote:
>> The file is identical and static, I post the same file from my windows 
>> desktop into a locally running tomcat instance and it works and then 
>> post the same file into a tomcat 5.5 instance on Linux and it doesn't 
>> work.  But then I post again onto Tomcat 6 instance on Linux and it 
>> works.
> Could there be a difference in file.encoding JVM system property across
> the different Tomcat instances? On Linux this might be caused by
> different LANG or LC_CTYPE environment variables at time of server
> startup; I don't know what in Windows environment determines the
> default file.encoding.
I believe the Windows JVMs use the global Windows system language 
settings, always.
Under Unix/Linux however, the "locale" settings of the process starting 
the JVM are what matters.

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