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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Char Encoding text streams on Tomcat 5.5 and Linux
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 16:05:56 GMT
Continuing to top-post thus :

If you have some systems working and others not, check if all Tomcat's 
(or rather, their JVMs) start under the same "locale" setting.
This is not a "good" reason, but it is often a reason for such things.

A bit more detail : in java, if you open a text input stream without 
specifying in which encoding it is, it will default to the "platform" 
encoding, which in this case is the locale setting of the process which 
runs the Java JVM which runs tomcat.
That applies also to webapps which read posted input, unless you are 
You will not see this issue with XML input, because XML contains either 
an explicit charset declaration, or defaults to UTF-8. So the XML parse 
always knows.  But pure text is another matter.
There is a lot more to say about these matters, but this will get you 

Dan Bagley wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for the heads up, the server build we are having problem with is
> Server version: Apache Tomcat/5.5.20
> Server built:   May 8 2007 10:23:38
> Server number:
> OS Name:        Linux
> OS Version:     2.6.9-78.0.13.ELsmp
> Architecture:   amd64
> JVM Version:    1.5.0_16-b02
> JVM Vendor:     Sun Microsystems Inc.
> And yep this is a customer support issue as the later versions of Tomcat 
> have not been approved through there security review process, so they're 
> unable to move onto the later versions.
> I'll double check Tomcat 5.5.28, but there still may be issues with the 
> client moving onto this release.
> Cheers
> Dan
> Peter Crowther wrote:
>> 2009/11/27 Dan Bagley <>:
>>> now when processing the plain text stream the accented characters are 
>>> being
>>> corrupted even though the stream is being set to UTF-8.   This is only
>>> happening on Linux and Tomcat 5.5 with plain text,  on windows it 
>>> works and
>>> Linux using Tomcat 6.0 it works.
>> Dan, exactly which version(s) of 5.5 and 6.0 are you using?  Also,
>> which JVM are you using on each of these platforms?
>> I'm not sure I have a solution for the problem, but you're more likely
>> to get useful answers off the list if we have some reasonably precise
>> version information ;-).  If you're not testing on the latest 5.5.x
>> (which is 5.5.28), I've no doubt you'll also get a "does it still fail
>> on the latest 5.5?" question.
>> From your question, I'm assuming you have a need to support older
>> Tomcat versions rather than just say "first install Tomcat 6.0.x".  Is
>> that due to customers having older versions installed, or QA issues,
>> or some other reasons?
>> - Peter
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