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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: I Have Multiple Tomcat Instances, Now I Want Each to Run In a Different Time Zone
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2009 00:49:55 GMT
Robinson, Eric wrote:
> I want to run multiple instances of tomcat on the same server, one
> instance for each time zone. I have all the separate tomcats running
> fine, but they are all using the server's time zone. I've been Googling
> and have not found an effective way to do it. Can someone please tell me
> how? 
Not really an expert, but 2 methods come to mind :

1) maybe the most serious :
Each Tomcat runs in its own JVM.  There should be some JVM which determine that kind of thing, which should be 
settable with -D options on the java line that starts Tomcat.

Really, I don't really know this. But a previous issue of mine with a 
webapp that was resetting the language for the whole JVM leads me to 
believe this might work.

2) less serious :
Install VMWare server. Configure as many virtual machines as you need 
Tomcats. Give each its timezone and run a Tomcat in each.

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