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From João Nuno Silva <>
Subject POST replication
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 15:39:45 GMT
Hi, this is my first question to the list so please be gentle :)

My question is about a Tomcat feature available when using container 
managed authentication. If a user requests a protected resource, Tomcat 
first authenticates the user and then processes the initial request 
whether it's a GET or a POST. I've been doing an in-house authentication 
mechanism which tries to mimic this functionality.

I'm having a bit of trouble replicating the POST requests after 
successful user authentication. I've managed to replicate GET requests 
by doing a forward or a sendRedirect to the pre-authentication URL but 
with a POST things get harder. Is there any way to achieve this without 
using container managed authentication? What if that POST also included 
one file upload, would that make it impossible to replicate the request?

Thanks for your input!

(I've searched the archives but couldn't find an answer to this)
Best regards,

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