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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: A question about mod_jk 1.2.28 configuration
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 08:27:29 GMT
thomas2004 wrote:
>> I cannot tell you what's wrong, but I can tell you that the log you show 
> below, shows that the JBoss response is a HTML document, not a PDF.
> So maybe you have to revise some of your assumptions.
> Sorry, you are right. This time I haven't test the PDF generation since I
> just want to test the simple case. The returned page contains only text. But
> I can't get the return page though long after the processing on Jboss is
> finished and send back the render. 
> On the machine with mod_jk-1.2.26 I can get the return page.
This is not really a good way to get help here.
You start with a problem about a PDF.
Then you send tons of logs which you ask people to look at.
Which they do, and spend time doing, to find out that what is in these 
logs seems a perfectly good response, but containing a html, not a PDF.
Then you tell us that this is not related to the problem.
You could have found that out yourself by looking at the same log, and 
avoid wasting our time.

So now, maybe you want to state your real problem again, and please send 
us some information that is really related to that problem.

And, so far, and judging by the log that you did send, but where you 
also mention that nothing shows up in the browser, it does not look like 
either a tomcat or mod_jk issue.
A "blank page" is rarely only that.
Do you have some tool in the browser to see what you are really getting 
back ?
(Firefox + HttpFox would be a good start).

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