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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: 32-bit service on 64-bit windows?
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2009 19:27:31 GMT
David kerber wrote:
> Can I install a 32-bit jvm and create a tc 5.5.28 service on win 2008 
> 64-bit server?  Or do I need a 64-bit jvm to do that?  Or do I need TC 
> 6.0.x?  If I need tc6, which jvm is needed?  Or will either work?
> My app doesn't stretch the memory limits of the 32-bit, let alone 
> needing 64-bit memory space.
I belive that this has been discussed, extensively, under various guises 
on this forum.  So you may want to search the archives.

But, since it is not, to my knowledge, clearly expressed on the Tomcat 
website, let me try a summary :

- 32-bit .exe programs seem not to run under 64-bit Windows, and 
vice-versa 64-bit .exe programs not to run under 32-bit Windows.

- the Java JVM is at least in part a .exe program, so it will have to be 
a version matching the plaform bit-ness

- the JVM is not included in Tomcat downloads, so that's a bit you'll 
have to find out elsewhere, and install by yourself.

- Tomcat itself on the other hand is a Java application, which should 
run unchanged under a 32-bit or 64-bit JVM, so there is only one Tomcat

- but, under Windows and to run it (the JVM which will run Tomcat) as a 
Windows Service, one additional piece is needed, the (in)famous 
tomcatX.exe, which is a .exe wrapper around the JVM, making it behave 
like a Windows Service is supposed to.
(This tomcatX.exe (where X is the tomcat major version), is in fact 
always the same program, just renamed for version's sake.)
Being an .exe program, it also thus needs to have the appropriate 
bit-ness for the platform at hand.

- when you install Tomcat 6 on a Windows system, from the downloadable 
"exe" or "windows service installer" version, I believe that we are told 
that it "does the right thing", installing the appropriate 32-bit or 
64-bit tomcatX.exe, as appropriate to the platform.
(We are however told this by word of mouth on this list, because the 
fact is not mentioned on the Tomcat download page).

- when you download and install the .zip version however - planning to 
configure it yourself as a service later using supplied .bat files - 
then for some reason not both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the 
wrapper are included, and only the 32-bit version is.
Which leaves the hapless would-be 64-bit installer (person) in a bind, 
because it is not clear where on the Tomcat website one finds the 64-bit 
version. Not on the download page, that's certain.
(although that information has been provided many times in this list's 
archives, and might even be buried in a FAQ).

It is also rather distressing, and puzzling, that when one downloads and 
installs the .exe version, one does not receive all the same files which 
are included in the .zip version.
This fact alone has caused these list archives to be much more 
voluminous than they would otherwise be.

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