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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5.28 to 6.0.20 migration question
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 22:25:29 GMT
Michael C wrote:
> Chuck,
> I fully agree about IE but the people in charge don't wanna hear it.
> The fact that this is a third party tomcat install confuses me even
> more than if it was normal, and definitely frustrating that the logs
> could be anywhere. If we pretend I did have a normal install, are
> there any extra steps involved going from 5 to 6 that could be useful?
>  Because going from 5.5.17 to 5.5.28 was extremely easy, following the
> steps I said in the original email.  I do plan on experimenting with a
> vanilla install tomorrow (I get access tomorrow afternoon since
> everyone will be gone) but not sure how helpful it will be given the
> third party nature.
Well you see, we're guessing also, because we have no idea what Smarts 
did to Tomcat.  Although if they say that you could just download a new 
tomcat and unzip it to the same directory, then what they did might not 
be so bad.
There is one element here that may be a cause of problems :
To run Tomcat as a service under Windows, there are a couple of .exe 
programs being used.  Under all versions of Tomcat 5.0 and 5.5, they are 
called "tomcat5.exe" and "tomcat5w.exe".
So when you upgraded before from 5.5.17 to 5.5.28, these names did not 
But with Tomcat 6, they are the same programs, but they are renamed to 
tomcat6.exe and tomcat6w.exe.
But Smarts probably doesn't know that, so it may still try to call up 
tomcat5.exe to start Tomcat as a service.
And who knows which one is running, when you say that the Service is 

Maybe you could start at the beginning.
Verify that the Tomcat service is running, and have a look :
- with the Task Manager, and check which tomcat-like .exe program is 
really running
- with a command window,
   - enter "net start" and check if you see a line in there mentioning 
tomcat (and if yes, paste it here so that we can see it too)
   - enter "netstat -an" and see there is a line with something like
TCP ..............    LISTEN
and then if it says by any chance
TCP ..............    LISTEN
instead, try with your browser to access

Come to think of it, enter "netstat -an" and then cut and paste here all 
the lines that start with TCP.
I mean we can guess, but it is very energy-consuming, spiritually speaking.

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