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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5.28 to 6.0.20 migration question
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 21:53:37 GMT
Michael C wrote:
> Chuck,
> I can't get to the server at the moment but I'm an absolute noob. The
> way I know it doesn't work is that when I go to http://<tomcat
> server>:8080 I don't get the tomcat screen that comes up with version
> 5.5.28.  Just page cannot be displayed. As soon as I am allowed, I'll
> check the log files (which I hope are in /logs folder). Tomcat is run
> as a service by the Smarts program when it starts, and the service
> does start, so I'm not sure where I would see errors.  Also, a little
> telepathy couldn't hurt.
Mmm.  Maybe I can gain some credits on my long-distance devination 
rating here.
Let me feel the nodes and receive the vibes.. what do I see ?
I see.. a system.. a Windows system..
with a Smarts directory, and in it a tomcat directory...
and that tomcat directory looks like it contains a logs directory, where 
there might well be some file which would tell Chuck what happens.
it also seems to contain a bin directory, with a program called 
and when you double-click on that one, it opens a dialog.
and in that dialog, there are plenty of things, like a path to a JVM and 
also, in Windows there are Event logs. Sometimes they also contain 
interesting stuff about Services.
there is also, under the tomcat directory, a /conf directory, with a 
file in it called server.xml.
I would bet that it contains at least one part looking like
<Connector port="8080" ...>
and if it does not, it probably should.
I mean, instead of 8180 or something.

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