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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Hash (#) character as context delimiter '/' stand-in
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 16:41:16 GMT
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I'm trying to use the foo#bar convention for a deployment path yielding
"/foo/bar" as my context path and everything seems to work as expected.

Except that I'm using Cocoon with one of my projects.

For Cocoon, everything is a URL. When Cocoon tries to build URLs to
point to, say, files on the disk in the deployment directory, it gets a
URL like "file:///home/path/to/tomcat/webapps/foo#bar/some/file" which
ends up trying to access "file:///home/path/to/tomcat/webapps/foo" which
is neither a file nor a directory.


One obvious solution is to use a conf/Catalina/localhost/foo#bar.xml
file and deploy the webapp somewhere else. I'd honestly rather not do
that, but my only other option is to replace '/' in the URL with '-'
which I've already done because /something/ had to be done.

Any other suggestions?

Can anyone comment on the decision to use '#' as the stand-in for '/' in
the first place? Was it intentionally something that could not appear in
the path of a legit URL?

Are there any options for changing the '/' stand-in to, say, ':' or
something more URL-friendly? I suspect this would require a patch to the
Tomcat source.

- -chris
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