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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject Re: errors after install
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:21:18 GMT
2009/10/1 Daniel Wittenberg <>:
> I know spacewalk doesn't have it's own tomcat, the install pulls everything
> it needs

Yes, but it probably doesn't *configure* it.  The spacewalk RPM
probably expresses a dependency on Apache httpd and a dependency on
Tomcat.  So you'll get a bare httpd from its rpm (which will not be
configured to talk to Tomcat) and a bare Tomcat from its RPM (which
will not be configured to talk to httpd, might be of a different
version to the one Spacewalk is expecting if it expresses a >=
dependency, and which appears to have at least a docbase/appbase
issue).  I presume you'll then have to configure them to talk to each
other, via mod_jk, mod_proxy or mod_proxy_ajp.

>  I'm thinking what might work best is just to wipe the VM with a fresh OS
> install and try the install again and see what happens.

I suspect you'll get to exactly the same place.

> I got no errors
> during the install, so it all appeared to be working until I went to login

You wouldn't - the bits are installed, the files are in the right
place, I just suspect that the Spacewalk RPM is not set up to tell
httpd how to talk to Tomcat.  Nor should it - otherwise it has the
potential to break a working system.

Looking at the wiki, I also cannot see how spacewalk-setup connects
httpd with Tomcat.

> RHN is the management console that on the commercial side Red Hat uses to
> manage the Red Hat Enterprise licenses and clients, this is just the
> opensource version of that.

Ah.  <rant> And it appears to have DeadRat's now-traditional poor
quality - you'd think they would at least check for warnings before
releasing.  I used to like that distro 12 years ago, but the quality
went downhill sharply once they split Fedora off. </rant>

- Peter

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